Maddeningly Us

In days of old when we had jobs and a routine for our days Steve and I were always picky about how we spent our free time. Do you see the problem here? Now all our time is free time and yep we’re still as picky as ever, trying to squeeze the most fun or best use out of every possible minute…maddening. At least we are aware of our neurosis even if we can’t overcome it.

The first few days were splendid with fine weather and hypnotic scenery. We hiked a small peak, and biked dirt roads through acres and acres of Joshua Trees, never thinking this most excellent weather might change.

Then it was time to get serious about this climbing thing. By now we realized that the 1992 complete climbing guide to the area is the climbing guide equivalent of the Dodo Bird. We ordered this book specifically for this trip, picking it over the newer abbreviated guide to the area. Of course we refused to buy a second guide to the area.  Eventually we became oriented well enough and started finding routes and areas that were appealing.

What’s that? Next up hurricane force winds and blowing sand.  Where did those sunny 70 degree days go? I had worried it would be too hot to comfortably climb here. We were shocked to be chasing sunshine and and trying to find routes out of the wind. Eventually we caught breaks in the weather (warm temps never really returned) and managed to cut ourselves some slack as well.

We both were digging the Joshua Tree cracks when we reached our 14 day camping limit and decided it was time to blow on up the road to Red Rocks and Sin City.


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