Fear and Loathing

I hate Las Vegas. The Rat Pack, Elvis, Oceans 11. I want so badly to hang onto the romantic visions that have been played out in front of my eyes on TV and the silver screen. Shoot I’ll even take the gritty sleazy side of this town. Prostitution, gambling addicts and down on their luck drunks; let me see the dark underbelly. Ohh no, on this trip to Sin City all I got was urban sprawl, seven lanes of traffic in every direction, way too many people on the strip and a canceled pirate show at Treasure Island because they were shooting vignettes for the Miss USA pageant. I felt sorry for Miss Montana, she couldn’t drop the boa and turn just right and a producer was letting her know it. Yep call me an old crogity grump, but I just couldn’t get in the mood to have fun in Las Vegas. I don’t think I was the only one. By nine o’clock the people walking the strip look like they’re having as much fun as me. Sights like tired faces, crabby kids, strollers, a lady getting her high heel stuck in the deck-like sidewalk in front of Treasure Island really scream fun party-like atmosphere. I still don’t get Vegas as a family destination. With every casino sporting a different theme you can travel around the world by going a few miles north and south on The Strip. No thanks. I went to Venice, I don’t need to go to The Venetian. Its like a playground for those that don’t want to experience the real thing. A giant generic version of real life. A fantasy world that I can’t wrap my little pea brain around. The whole town feels like a mirage, oh wait there really is a Mirage. I could go on and on about my disdain for people, American tourists, and the excess that is Vegas but I won’t. I was right down there on The Strip with them waiting for a pirate show that wasn’t going to happen. Sort of like a beauty contestant who was trying to hit her turn.


Some of the ‘tamer’ residents of Clark Co NV


3 thoughts on “Fear and Loathing

  1. Complain, complain!!!!! So, why not come to Knott Co. and help care for the goats. With that hair we could stake you out at the fence and they wouldn’t dare jump over it. Just kidding. I wish I had your hair. Maybe you could grow it long enough to make a wig for me.

  2. Never been there but I figured it would be the kind of place I would hate as well. Always thought it might be fun for a day or two, like Disneyworld. But yeah, disdain for people and all would make it tough to enjoy.

  3. come on steve, consider yourself lucky. having seen miss montana, you got a sneak peek at the next female anchor (late 2009) at the fox affiliate in helena montana. where else but las vegas could you get that lucky.

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