Somewhere along 2005 or 2006 we found out that running is fun. More fun if there are mud holes, rocks, hills, and nature. Eric suckered us into trying to run 40 miles through the woods. I took the bait hook line and sinker. Jill was a little more cautious. We’ve been on some great runs over the past few years and it has totally helped our level of fitness for other outdoor pursuits. Here are some pics from various runs over the years.


The Derby Festival Marathon 06

Jill tearing it up on the Ridge Trail, Cumberland Gap NP

’07 Highland Sky 40 Miler

Kiawah Marathon

OK, so you don’t run in the ocean…you don’t even see the ocean along the course. But boy that cold ocean water feels soooo good. Somewhere about mile 23 I decided road running is just a means to an end. Trails are where its at. You can get away with walking the hills.

Louisville Lovin’ The Hills 50K

Highland Sky 08

Best HS ever. Fast, fun, friends, thunderstorms, partial nudity, pose down finish. Good times!

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