Can You Dig It?

For weeks I’ve been running around the winery saying, “Yis! I want to dig out a tank.” This involves crawling inside a large stainless steel tank to dig out the grape skins that remain after the wine has been drained. It is a whole deal.  Grapes have a gas problem, lots of carbon dioxide. This brings up obvious safety issues that have to be addressed including proper ventilation of the tank, safety harness with retrieval cord, and a CO2 monitor.

One way in, one way out.

Today as our other responsibilities are waning we had an opportunity to dig. We dug out one of the crawl inside tanks and then another smaller one that you rake out from the outside.

A couple that digs out tanks together...

Jill pulling rake duty.

Harvest is nearly over but for now we’re still putting in long days. We look forward for more time to write and actually drink some wine in the coming weeks.