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For years now in all those where to live conversations, Steve’s constant refrain is, “I want to be able to do stuff right out my door.”

Way back when before New Zealand, before winery work, when we were just hatching out of Kentucky our plan was to find and settle in a place that had climbing, skiing, trail running and biking close by, really close by if possible.

Now we have all that and more within a short drive or no drive at all.

We are enjoying the bounty, climbing one day, biking another, skiing on the first day of summer. With us though, that is not where the story ends. We are completely overwhelmed trying to find time for it all.

Summer Nord

Did I mention we have three-day weekends? We were lucky to land jobs that have us working through the weekend leaving us to play mid-week. We love the idea that we have fewer folks to share the trails and cliffs with but this is Central Oregon everyone is out all the time.

Its going to get a little wide...

Lately we’ve managed to fit in climbing, skiing, running and some form of biking into those three days. We want to sign up for a couple trail races this fall but that would require us to run more than once or twice a week which might mean we would have to not do something else one of those days. Ahhhhhhh TWEAKED!

I’m counting on Mother Nature to bail me out of this one. The temps are rising and the snow is melting. This should take climbing and skiing out of the weekly rotation. Of course that opens up the potential for peak bagging. And what about a SUP (stand-up paddle board)? Those look fun.


Huckleberry Ice Cream

So went to this ice cream stand that has climbing nearby. I had huckleberry ice cream and blackberry ice cream. The huckleberry was best. The guy that runs the ice cream stand out of a gear store seems a little standoffish and grumpy. Couldn’t engage him in much of a conversation about how it is made and what not.

Oh yeah we were climbing at Smith Rock, Oregon. One of the top climbing destinations in the country and one of the first places to have bolted lines. We saw
another rattlesnake. It was super hot. We were up at five most mornings just to climb a couple pitches. Spent most of the day chasing shade and staking out the ice cream place.

So we got ice cream twice but had to walk down to the ice cream stand four times just to get it two times. You see the place doesn’t post hours. Even when Grumpy is there you have to ring a bell and wait and wait…then he comes and does he open the door to the gear store? No. He only opens a little window so you can slide in the cash and he can hand out the cones. Ten cents extra for a bowl.

Great sign- bad management.

Great sign- bad management.

The Crooked RIver run through the canyon at Smith Rock.

The Crooked RIver run through the canyon at Smith Rock.

Tenting out- as sleeping in vehicles isn't allowed at Smith!

Tenting out- as sleeping in vehicles isn't allowed at Smith!