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A Need for Speed (and Coordination) Please

Separately, I can deal with the deities Speed and Coordination. Being a polite southern gal, I only ask for blessings from one at a time.

“Please a little help, Speed, on this easy section of single track so I can catch back up to Steve” or “Coordination, how about some guidance on this edgy face route?”

Rarely do I invoke a plea to them both.  When I do it is tricky. I recall a particular Red River Gorge root that has tripped me twice while trail running. Airborne, I landed with a thud each time, sending up a cloud of dust.

Now though I must find away to gain the blessings of both Speed and Coordination. I’m finally taking on all the winter sports I’ve avoided for so long: snowboarding, telemark and alpine skiing. My cross-country skis are in the corner, patiently waiting for me to bail on the whole project.

This month the focus is snowboarding with the expectation of a long winter to provide plenty of time to get to all three. I’m proud to report that I actually took a snowboarding lesson. Between that and some reading, I understand what I am supposed to do. I am stunned to report progress is happening; last couple times out the basics started to click. However it has become clear that as my abilities and confidence slowly increase the intensity of my falls increases much more dramatically. I won’t attempt an equation but I know there must be one.

So now then, Speed and Coordination, please let’s all get along. My knees are sporting more bruises than I’ve ever got climbing. My wrists don’t even want to support my yoga poses anymore. My backside cannot take another hit, bounce, and flip crash. So come on S & C, let’s do this thing and get me off the easiest run on the mountain! Yeah!

Note sign in the background...

Action Sports Avalanche

For years now in all those where to live conversations, Steve’s constant refrain is, “I want to be able to do stuff right out my door.”

Way back when before New Zealand, before winery work, when we were just hatching out of Kentucky our plan was to find and settle in a place that had climbing, skiing, trail running and biking close by, really close by if possible.

Now we have all that and more within a short drive or no drive at all.

We are enjoying the bounty, climbing one day, biking another, skiing on the first day of summer. With us though, that is not where the story ends. We are completely overwhelmed trying to find time for it all.

Summer Nord

Did I mention we have three-day weekends? We were lucky to land jobs that have us working through the weekend leaving us to play mid-week. We love the idea that we have fewer folks to share the trails and cliffs with but this is Central Oregon everyone is out all the time.

Its going to get a little wide...

Lately we’ve managed to fit in climbing, skiing, running and some form of biking into those three days. We want to sign up for a couple trail races this fall but that would require us to run more than once or twice a week which might mean we would have to not do something else one of those days. Ahhhhhhh TWEAKED!

I’m counting on Mother Nature to bail me out of this one. The temps are rising and the snow is melting. This should take climbing and skiing out of the weekly rotation. Of course that opens up the potential for peak bagging. And what about a SUP (stand-up paddle board)? Those look fun.

Still Going

Somewhere in Yosemite National Park late last November.


It has been over two months since our last update. Two months! Seems updating our blog has taken a backseat to adventure, family, plotting, scheming and skiing. It is winter afterall. Thanks for checking in and stay tuned for more updates. Hopefully it won’t be another two months.