Ahhh spring time is in the air. The grass is greening up, the birds are chirping and the days are getting longer. True signs of a season change. But you know how else I know its spring? We’re getting more hits on our van construction page. Laugh if you will but its the truth. Soon after we made this blog public (ie Google searchable) we noticed that most incoming traffic was going to the van construction page. Turns out a lot of people dig homebuilt camper vans. And after combing the internets for ideas and information while building ours, I can attest to the fact that there aren’t very many good homebuilt van sites on the world wide web. So as we blogged about our travels we always got a chuckle that the only real interest this site was the van construction page.

Like clockwork we noticed the spring spike in hits.  It started a few weeks ago, it seems that after a long cold winter the dirtbags are stirring. Tired of being cooped up all the rock climbers, adventurers, and those suffering from seasonal induced wanderlust start day dreaming of escape. They turn to the Google and end up on our blog. Who can blame them really? What better way to shake off the winter blues, see the sights and recreate than in your very own home built campervan.

Speaking of shaking off the winter blues, we’re dusting off our rig and getting ready to set sail once again. I’ve been tidying up a few odds and ends that have fallen by the wayside while we were in New Zealand and then rocketing across the country for the harvest last fall. The biggest change of all was recovering the headliner.  Seems the thirteen year old factory job was starting to give out. Changes in temperature and increased moisture from cooking and living aboard had worn out the glue holding the fabric to the backer board.  No worries, just pop out the factory headliner, strip off the old fabric and foam to recover with a material of your choice.

While I’m not sure about our choice in finishing, Jill loves it. Definatley different, it lightens things up from the deep dark factory navy blue that was original to the van. Our new headliner might not fly on the high fashion runways of Paris this spring, but it sure will look good out on the road.


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