Nature Wine

Many thanks to my cellar hand buddy Chad for the introduction to Natural Process Alliance. The NPA consists of international crew of folks making wine with as little intervention as possible. Chad, Steve and I stopped by on a Friday evening. We interrupted the guys shaving their beards for Mo’vember. After that wrapped Georgia native Hardy showed us around the winery, letting us taste out of tanks and barrels.  Winemaker Kevin and the gang happened to be in the middle of evening punch downs of their reds. At the NPA punch down can mean foot tread.  A casual offer was extended to come back the next day and get in on the action. Much to their shock there we were the following morning. Steve behind the camera as he is fighting a cold but Chad and I were ready to tread.

The NPA is one of a handful of wineries in the area that are doing things a little different. I like different. They use native yeasts, little or no sulphur and how about this for WOW factor…..they let their whites sit on their skins for months. At this moment I’m sipping their  Sauvignon Blanc poured out of their refillable Kleen Kanteen.  Steve and I are arguing over the color. I say golden, pink, he says light amber. Clearly different and yummy.


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