Winemakers in the Making – Maybe

Our New Zealand work permits expire in November. We’re on a plane home August 1st. This doesn’t add up until you add wine. Then it becomes a perfect plan. Remember we worked at a winery during the Southern Hemisphere autumn. We put in long hours at a large winery as truck after truck delivered tons and tons of grapes. No real ah ha moment but a sweet experience for sure.

Sweet enough for us to apply to one wine job at one winery in California. More winery work was not the plan but I was in a restless mood after vintage wrapped up in Gisborne. I saw the job online. I thought, “Oh why not? It is California wine country after all, a smaller winery, that could be nice, see what happens.” A few weeks later we were accepting wine jobs in the Russian River Valley for the North American crush, start date September 1.

We dig the winemaking world. Lets be clear Steve and I are far from calling ourselves winemakers, we’re cellar rats, the seasonally hired hands that are the key to wineries making it through harvest. Someday we may be winemakers. For now it is too soon to tell if this is a new career or simply an adventure not yet finished.


Yes, that is bubbly with fish and chips. Getcha some.


3 thoughts on “Winemakers in the Making – Maybe

  1. Awesome ! Will you all be hitting ole KY before you go out west ? Would love to spend a few days with yall. Travel afe

  2. The coincidences blow my mind. When you were writing this we were shutting down our life in San Francisco preparing to take a boat to New Zealand. Stephanie and I met in Santa Rosa, and have spent a lot of time around the Sonoma County wineries. And right now we’ve got a wwoofing gig at an estate vineyard and winery in Marlborough. Back in the day I thought, wouldn’t it be funny if we crossed paths in NZ. Now it seems more likely in California. Sweet as.

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