Chasing Rainbows

It has rained a lot.  Buckets.  Heaps.  Rain.  They tell me that is what it does here in New Zealand during the winter.  I believe them.  In the past month I’ve seen precipitation fall from the sky in about every form possible.  Snow, hail, sleet and every form of rain known to man.  In their forecasts, metservice lists it as drizzle, as thick and heavy as it fell today I’d call it rain.

We arrived on Banks Peninsula at the end of a summer drought complete with mandatory water restrictions.  It has since rained enough to green up the paddocks, lift said water restrictions and cause epic flooding that hasn’t been seen in these parts in 20 years.

Rain seems to be a constant in our adventures.  Its not that we are complainers, it really rains wherever we go.  If you’ve followed our tales of adventure they can at times read like trials and tribulations of the liquidy precipitation kind.  I won’t rehash them.  It wouldn’t do any good.  I always say you can’t control the weather.  I’m beginning to think otherwise.

From time to time the skies find a way of clearing, even if for a few minutes, even if on a hillside across the harbor.  The mere sight of a ray of sunshine makes your heart skip a beat, especially if you haven’t seen the sun in days.  Usually this beautiful sight is accompanied by some sort of rainbow.  Full spectrum, several colours, half, full or double they are the proverbial cherry on the sundae…so to speak.

I once remembered our friend in Gizzy casually stating she had never seen so many rainbows until she came to New Zealand.  I’d agree.  And as many as I’ve seen they are still a sight for sore eyes.  After all you can’t have a rainbow without a little sunshine.  And a little rain.

The end was about about 100 yards from the front door and only lasted a couple of minutes. It was awesome.


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