Marlborough (wine) Country

I can’t stop thinking about Marlborough.  It wasn’t the wineries.  They were nice and all, as is the point of a cellar door.  It wasn’t even the wine.  I’m just not that big a fan of Sauvignon blanc, the regions claim to fame.  It was the clouds.  Viscerally speaking Marlborough was one of the prettiest wine regions I’ve visited.  It seemed like the clouds would decorate the sky a bit different everyday.  Combined with the fall color on the vineyards and the dry hills surrounding the valley, this wine growing region provided all the contrasts for stunning scenery.

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2 thoughts on “Marlborough (wine) Country

  1. So, you guys thinking of trying to stay there longer term?
    They may not “need” cameramen but social workers are always in short demand.

    Still living vicariously through you guys!
    Keep living the dream!!
    But if you don’t come back in another year, don’t be surprised if Norman Clyde decides to join our family.

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