Croissants Here!

Finally we are back on track to updating the blog. We have lots to share from our South Island travels of the past couple months plus updates about our current happenings as winter caretakers at an estate on Banks Peninsula. So hang with us as we bounce back and forth between stories from today and two months ago. Here is the tale of our first experience on South Island.

We arrived on South Island with plans to WOOF at Windsong Orchard. Our motivation to WOOF in Marlborough was to have a few afternoons free to sample wine from this NZ’s most prestigious wine region. Little did we know that wine tasting would be overshadowed by an interesting hosts and new experiences.

First the hosts Jennie, a native Kiwi is married to Bob a one time California boy who has called NZ home for thirty years. They have a couple grown kids, great sailing stories, and energy to protest all that is wrong with the world.

We arrived at their place in prime feijoa season. This funky fruit falls off the tree when ripe and then is picked up off the ground. Also there were rows of blueberry bushes in need of layers of fresh compost, hard work but at least it burned up the wine calories.

Then it was the day for the weekly Marlborough Farmers Market.  We were to sell feijoas for the Windsong booth.  Oh no the breakfast booth was shorthanded! Jennie who also helps manage the market quickly loaned us out to help out with that far busier booth. Ran by New Zealand chef, Chris Fortune this booth had a kitchen set up in a tent with several people urgently preparing very popular venison wraps. We didn’t help with the wraps although we did eat them. Instead we helped with their other ever so popular item, croissants. Now I adore croissants. In my world a good croissant has super powers. Serving croissants to other adoring pastry fans was a great treat. The day ended with Steve and I walking the grounds of the market selling the last few croissants two for one.  I like this life.


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