South Island Update

For the past month or so we’ve lived a roller coaster of sight seeing mixed with heaps of “what do we want to do next” angst? There was a perfect week WWOOFing at an organic orchard in Marlborough. Followed by mellow wanderings around Golden Bay, Steve might say we rock climbed there but really we just looked at a lot of average rock. There was a wee bit of hiking at Arthur’s Pass in the northern edge of the Southern Alps. Then we took in Franz Josef Glacier but were rained out of Fox Glacier before heading off to Wanaka where we spent a week climbing, hiking and sorting ourselves out in the heart of the Southern Alps.

In Wanaka we learned of an opportunity to house sit at a lovely home on Banks Peninsula in Akoroa. The owners of Kokopu Estate go on holiday for a couple months every winter and find some gypsy types like us to look after the place. Sweet as. Kokopu includes a couple rental cottages so we will be looking after the occasional guests as well as a dog, cat and herd of sheep. Now after spending a few days with the folks we will be house sitting for, we are off to tour about a bit more before our care taking duties start in June.

Once we are settled in for the winter, we will post lots of stories and pics from our South Island wanderings. Also I’m determined to conquer a few of the Kiwi classic baked goods and Steve said something about wanting to improve his cooking skills. I plan to hold him to this. Stay tuned. It could be interesting.

Jill searching for balance somewhere in the Southern Alps

Steve testing a comfortable chair along the Tasman Sea


5 thoughts on “South Island Update

  1. lambs in the kitchen on lindy lane must have looked good on that resume for tending to a flock of sheep in new zealand

  2. Enjoy your time in New Zealand! It’s turned into a freakin’ hot mess here in the states. Rand Paul? Seriously? Maybe you all can become residents and Jason, Camden and I can come sleep on your couch.

    • While it is nice not to be in the middle of it, there is no escaping it. We can’t stop ourselves from following state and local news online. And all the American pop culture junks permeates everything here, even if it is largely ridiculed, it still gets under my skin. Ya’ll are welcome on our couch anytime and we are happy to encourage any migratory ambitions you may have.

  3. Hey, just dropping a comment to let you know that you guys are missed.

    …pst, more stories! some of us live vicariously a bit through you.

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