Loaded with Options

Let me share with you the choice options that our 1991 Toyota Hilux Surf came with.  Now these aren’t OEM options from the factory.  Oh no, these little extras are only available on cars bought off the side of the road in New Zealand.

Don’t panic, that’s only 153, 621 miles!  And on a 1991 model.

The driver gets to enjoy this awesome floor mat.

Handy instructions on how to lube the drive train and use the four-wheel drive.  Too bad I can’t read Japanese.

Cars in New Zealand that were imported from Japan usually have an aftermarket head unit.  Seems Japanese radio station’s frequencies are even and not odd (ie 88.2 instead of 88.1).  Great if the car is still in Japan, tough to clearly tune in New Zealand.  This is our American Hi-Fi brand tape deck complete with detachable face.  One of the many owners of our Surf just opted to leave the original in place.  If only the original worked too.

Oh and then there is the brand new radiator.  It didn’t quite come with the vehicle.  It came later after overheating on the way to Lake Taupo.  Turns out the radiator that was in our new car was pretty far gone.  I’ve never seen coolant so dirty.  Dirty like I thought we’ve cracked the block dirty.  Guess I should have checked that before I bought it.  Or taken in for a tune up after purchase?  I was too distracted by the sweet radio, or worried what else they’d find wrong.


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