Scrabble On

Scrabble occupies a cherished place in our lives. When heading off in the van we snagged a vintage version from Steve’s mom. So for the next few months we drove around the west in the rain and played Scrabble. We lost one of the Ws. Replaced it with a pebble from Smith Rock in Oregon. We had every intention of bringing the game with us to New Zealand but in some last minute moment of insanity we deemed it unnecessary.

After getting settled in Gisborne, I realized the grave mistake of leaving Scrabble behind. Started looking around, couldn’t find it at the local big box store, the Warehouse, nor did the opp shops have it. Eventually I saw it in the back of the bookstore for 45 Kiwi dollars. Seriously 45 bucks for a board game? Even taking in the exchange rate that was too much for this cheapy.

Bring on Easter sales. Back at the Warehouse I noticed board games were on sale. So I checked and there it was. I pulled it off the shelf and held it close. A few minutes later Steve found me. After he saw it under me arm he said, “Can’t talk you out of it, can I?”

“When you pry it out of my cold, dead hands,” was the only appropriate response. So we brought it home a few days ago. Our inagural game Jill 328 to Steve 194.

I intended to post this weeks ago but forgot about it in the busyness of leaving Gisborne.  Just last night our current WOOF host taught us Speed Scrabble. Interesting for a group but for me, I prefer trad Scrabble.


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