East As

East As – ( iest  ah-zzz )

adjective / colloquialism {slang}

1 expression for or about something or somebody associated with the East Cape of New Zealand’s North Island:  that bach is soooo east as / look at that bogan in the Holden ute, east as

2 state of being or outlook on life:  east as bro

3 see sweet as

Ahhh the East Cape.  What an interesting slice of life.  You might see men exchanging hongi (traditional Maori greeting of touching noses) in the Pak-n-Save.  Watch kids run down the street barefoot.  Catch a wave in the setting sun.  Go to a hangi (traditional Maori feast cooked in an earthen over) for a school fundraiser.  Spy the first rays of light as the sun crests the International Date Line.  Buy fruit from the back of a ute parked on the side of the road.  Sip wine from the Chardonnay capital of New Zealand.  Get stuck in a traffic jam of sheep.  Round a corner on a costal highway and feel like you entered the set of Whale Rider.  Or just chill out on some deserted beach.  If you go any further east you’ll be in yesterday, best to just stay east as bro.

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2 thoughts on “East As

  1. Love it!!! I know I’m biased, since I’ve chosen to live east as, but this is one of my favorite posts yet. Well done.

    Thanks for sharing the ‘east as’ experience with us.

  2. Just wanted to say “hi” … been following the adventure as often as I can. Things here in the Bluegrass state are pretty much the same….Jason got stuck with the Frankfort beat, so he sure does miss you Steve!

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