No More Clowning Around

Remember Blue? The clown car we bought when we arrived in New Zealand six months ago. Sometime ago we decided to sell it before we leave Gisborne. This started a search for a new car. We enjoyed taking our time with finding another set of wheels. Blue was bought in a jet lagged blur at a one day Auckland car fair.

After looking around at all Gisborne has to offer (insert small town joke of your choice here) there were two clear contenders. An old 4WD  Mitsubishi van and an even older Toyota Surf (4 Runner). There aren’t many 4WD vans in the states. We saw a few in Canada and boy did Steve drool. Drool I tell ya. So soon as I heard of this not too shabby rig in Gisborne, I knew it would be ours. Another van. At least it already had curtains. But after much debate we or rather Steve, as I wanted no part of the indecision prior to the decision, decided the Surf suited us better.

It is good to be back in a big, beefy SUV, with serious tires, bull bar and acres of leg room. I’ll be humming the Scott Miller tune 8 Miles A Gallon all the way to South Island.


2 thoughts on “No More Clowning Around

  1. Jill, been following you for a while (since you guys were featured in an article in the SF Chronicle, online) and I was just curious, what’s it’s like to buy a car in NZ? What’s insurance like? Just curious given what I know about the bureaucratic hassle of DMVs in the states. You make it sound so easy.

  2. Thanks for following our adventures Justin.

    It is unbelievably easy as compared to buying in the States. People seem to buy and sell cars all the time in this country. If you know a few things about cars, what to look for when shopping for a used car and what NZ Land Transport requires of you than it is no problem. This site should answer most of your questions: Insurance can be purchased from several different outfits. This is the one we use:

    If you are coming to NZ for a few months and want travel to the beat of your own drum then buying a car is a good idea.

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