Usually New Zealand news is little different from the headlines back home. A murder is being investigated, a politician is in hot water, nothing too surprising. More recently though not so typical.

There’s gold in them there hills. New Zealand has a long history of gold and silver mining. I know almost nothing about how mining works here. I know there is open pit mining and deep mining. Recently this issue came to the front pages because the political  party in power wants to allow mining on conservation and national park land.

Mining would bring in billions and billions. Big money in little New Zealand. So with this there is the obvious environmental issue. That alone may stop the mining as people here get as mad about starting mining as people in Kentucky get about limiting mining.

This issue gets more interesting because in NZ being green is good for the economy. This country markets itself around the world on being pure. Tourists come here because this country’s known as an oasis of green adventure. News of  the mining proposals came just as American magazine The Economist hit the stands with an article suggesting that New Zealand may not be that green. “DOH!” says the Prime Minister.

Spy Valley. Love the sound of that. Spy Valley. A valley of  spies? Exactly. Apparently back in the cold war satellite dishes were  installed in New Zealand. This facility is still in use and sends info about the Middle East back to the States. I find it troubling that the US sill needs a spy base in New Zealand but that is beside the point. Three peace loving Kiwis broke into the place and wrecked shop. They were up for trial a few weeks ago. Their defense consisted of an honest belief that they were saving lives. The jury verdict: not guilty. Neither Wellington or Washington is happy with this so it may not be settled.

So there you have it, a little New Zealand news.  I know my details are sparse but what with work and limited internet access it is the best I’ve got. Click on the links for more of the story.


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