Night Shift

We are still awaiting the real start of our winery jobs. We are on the night shift. So far though there is not much of a shift at all. We were supposed to get going last week but it rained. Rain dilutes the Brix level (sugar) in the grapes. No one wants bland grapes so we wait for the sunshine to bring them back to sweetness.

We wait and I worry. Night shift? Sure I could have handled that for the first twenty five years of my life. No problem. But now? Priorities have shifted. Unless it involves an alpine start for a big mountain, there is no reason for me to be awake in the wee hours of the morning.  I’m most content if I can be asleep by 10PM and up before 7AM. Now I don’t always meet those times but I’m close.

In all our time traveling, friends and family seem a tiny bit shocked that we are not staying up half the night and sleeping all day. I quietly cringe when this is implied. We are not on summer break from school. Far too much has gone into these adventures for us to sleep till noon.

Not sure when it happened but I am fanatical about doing the day’s errands early. At 9 AM the grocery store is empty. No one is huffing if I linger at the chocolate. Most children are in some sort of school and not darting under my feet. The world is just a bit calmer in the morning. Now I know the grocery stores also calms down by 7 PM but by then so have I.  The later the hour the mushier my brain. But I’m good with this.  Let me fade away with a book and no one need be bothered with me or me with them.  The thought of a post dinner trek to the market is like a bucket of ice water being thrown over my day.

So back in November when we interviewed for these wine jobs, the manager said, “How do you all feel about the night shift?” We responded with a bit of a groan, a bit of a shrug, then said, “Sure. No worries. We can handle it for such a short time.”

So here I sit, up at 7:20 AM unable to sleep late even after last night’s sunset surfing. Bring on the ice water.


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