My Valentine

Here’s some mush in time for Valentine’s Day in the States. Several weeks ago I was having a “we should just go back to the states and resume a normal life” moment. They happen occasionally.

Steve turns to me and says, “Last summer we said wouldn’t it be great if we could get wine jobs in New Zealand. And now here we are with those jobs starting soon.”

I melted. Steve can’t pat himself on the back worth anything. And here he was giving us both a big way to go.  It was one of those rare moments when someone says the best thing that could possibly be said. It pops into my mind often now and I think about how easy and doable this whole crazy adventure feels.

Nearly a year and a half ago we ran away from home and careers to find the lives we were meant to live, not the ones that simply happen when you let the sun rise and set without taking charge of the hours in between. Looking back, I’m so very proud of us, two practical pragmatic people, giving up the comfortable and familiar to chase down our dreams. Our relationship can’t fit on a Hallmark card or be celebrated on a particular day. It is something magical that we live out each day together as we find our own path.


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