Happily Ever April

So we’re home in our own place at least until mid-April. After a wonderful stay with our super duper friends from KY, we’ve moved into our own little Gizzy pad. Is this how it starts? Will we be able to leave in April? Or by then will we have Geographically Advantaged Stunting Syndrome (GASS)? Those suffering from GASS are simply unable to leave Gisborne so overcome they are by the beaches and laid back lifestyle. So risking GASS here we are with a place of our own.

Guest  accomodations are a huge part of the Kiwi culture. Maybe it has something to do with so many people here being from other countries far far away. In that case when you have visitors from home they tend to stay awhile. Or maybe this type of housing is just good sense. In the states you occasionally here of a home having, “mother-in-law” quarters, here many houses have virtually the same thing using it for guests or renters.

My favorite example of this Kiwi housing is called a sleep-out which is a small cottage in the backyard. Some sleep-outs are simply a bedroom others are fully self contained with a kitchen and bath. Another option is a suite of rooms attached to a house but separate enough to be it’s own flat. That is what we have, a tiny apartment that is the front portion of a family home. We have a separate entry, our own porch and parking area. Caravans, what the Kiwi’s call travel trailers, are also a popular way to provide some extra backyard housing as well as taking care of the traditional weeks long NZ beach holiday.

The sleep out at the Lions Den backpacker, just big enough for a double bed.

The family cabin at Brian's Place backpackers complete with front porch kitchen.


2 thoughts on “Happily Ever April

  1. I love the little house at Brian’s place. I was looking at Backpacker’s online today and saw that place but not the ever so cute accommodations.

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