Birthday Done

Not that I think anyone is really that interested in how I spent my birthday, but after all the build up in a recent post, I decided it would only be fair to fess up to how the weekend turned out. In an ironic turn of weather, most of the weekend and my actual birthday on Monday was filled with rain, dark clouds and cool temps, little different from one of those rare but not unheard of mild January days in ole Kentuck.

With heavy clouds overhead we did make it to the beach on Monday for a little birthday surf. Cool temps and choppy waves did not keep us out of the water although it took me sometime to shed the layers.


Cloud Conqueror

Next up was birthday dinner prepared by Steve. Between the two of us I’m the cook. He cleans up. This is how it is. Steve, brave soul that he is, decided to tempt fate. It turned out amazing.  He pulled out the grill for fish fillets with chermoula sauce and corn on the cob with cilantro butter. Yes that’s right fresh sweet corn on my January birthday. Love it.

Birthday BBQ


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