Big Birthday Doin’s

Really it feels as though I’ve done the impossible. I moved my birthday. Might as well have gone and discovered the Fountain of Youth. Not possible you think. Perhaps it is not possible but it sure feels that way.

I was born January 18th, 1977. It was a snowy winter. My school teacher Momma’s only comment about my birth is to say, “I didn’t have to use any days (leave) because we were out so long for snow.”

So for 32 years it has continued this way. January, cold, a little snow if I’m lucky. No birthday pool parties for me. No barbecues or celebrations at the lake. Although between weather and the MLK holiday, I was often free of school or work. So not a terrible birth date. Perhaps something I never questioned too much, after all I did use the big 3-0 as an excuse to go skiing in Slovenia. I could have fled to the southern hemisphere then but it didn’t cross my mind.

When our plans to head south were finalized it hit me like a ray of this strong, southern sun. A summer birthday. Sunshine, long days, picnics on the beach…WOW.

As my birthday weekend approaches we are “house sitting” for our Gisborne friends as they are on holiday.  That is a nice start as an empty house is a rare treat these days. Remember it is high summer here so there is lots on in Gisborne this weekend…concerts, boat tours, vineyards with wide-open summer hours and even a taping of the NZ political show Back Benches at a local wine bar.

What to do? How to pick?

In a brilliant move I put Steve in charge of what is now being called Birthday Weekend Extravaganza. This is good for me cause I’m still on board with a plan to not control so many of life’s little details. And basically I just didn’t want the work of planning and picking between all our options. The thought of a romantic beach picnic would have quickly turned into an over planned, over fussed headache- for me.

Steve on the other hand seems thrilled to have a project. I’m good with that.

It is not impossible that this will be the nicest birthday yet!


One thought on “Big Birthday Doin’s

  1. That’s awesome! My BD is Jan 30 and I have had a very similar experience. Usually missed school for snow or sickness and never had an outdoor party. Might have to try your method someday…

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