Why Gisborne, NZ

Of course I’ve always, always wanted to scheme out some sort of way to live, really live in a foreign country. And New Zealand is on everyone’s hot list these days but for a leap like this it takes some special inspiration. That inspiration came from our friends Eric & Laura. We tend to share their taste in travel and adventure. At about the same time we decided on the van, they shook up their lives by moving themselves and their super cool kids to NZ.

Even though our friendship spans years and many adventures we weren’t a constant fixture in each others lives. For much of our time in Lexington, they were raising kids while Steve and I were still deciding if we liked each other.

Eric has a knack for talking people into things. He and Laura gushed about cross country skiing and we became hooked. Eric intensely lobbied us to take up running…hello marathons and ultras.

When it came to deciding on New Zealand little lobbying was needed. Their blog posts quickly did the trick. With them both, especially Laura, falling hard for Gisborne and the laid back Kiwi culture I trusted it would suit us as well.

So here we are in their New Zealand town, Gisborne, borrowing their address as I can’t live without a library card and stashing stuff at their house. Even though we are finding plenty to do on our own and trying to not crash at there place too much, we love the magic of spending time with old friends in a new country.


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