Enjoy this random list of what I like about NZ specifically Gisborne, NZ. Gissy is an off the beaten path beach town that I’m happy to claim as home for as long as Steve will let me. Check out our NZ additions to the Blogroll.

Love the slang, although mixed with the accent I’m occasionally left clueless.

Sunscreen sold in liter jugs. Love the sunshine but love your skin more.

Our friends’ kids have picked up the Kiwi accent yet occasionally it comes out with just a touch of KY twang.

When consumed moderately I can handle the fish and chips.

There is a local dophin- he makes headlines in the Gisborne Herald.

Chardonny is queen here. Typically not my go to grape but when in Kentucky I eat country ham, in Gisborne I’ll drink Chardonny.

Our friends’ house may contain the most Bourbon in a private residence in the whole country.

There is a butchery and the lady there is kind to Yankees just learning about lamb.

Super-sized kleenex.  I took a cold.

A luxury B&B that accepts WWOOFers.

Stay tuned…more to come although, I don’t want the word to get out about this place.


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