Wave the Wand

Abracadabra I’m an ex-pat. Okay not really, probably not in the technical sense of the word but close enough for me to pretend. Ex-pat, sounds so exotic and beyond it all. No longer am I burdened by McDonald’s and big box stores. Ooops they have all that here. I can overlook the development considering it is not unusual to hike across green hills with sweeping ocean views and end up at a secluded cove. For that matter it is easy to drive to an empty spot of beach.

So here is the update. About two weeks ago we landed in Auckland. Auckland is fine if your tastes run toward cities with 1.3 million people. So it goes without saying we were outta of there quick but not before doing a few basic life in new country chores such a buying Blue. Blue is pictured below in a rather straightforward intro written by someone not at all in love with Blue. I love Blue.  Blue is delightful. A fun little car that just screams I don’t live in Texas or Colorado or any other typical stateside location. We bought blue from a Canadian who has lived in NZ for 30 years or so. He gave us lots of great travel beta. As we followed him back into town- we were going the same way- he pulled off, hopped out of his car, to give us a mixed CD. We had to have tunes after all. Yep, these folks are nice.

So we did a slow roll in the direction of our friends in Gisborne. Anxious to start taking in the sights we headed off up the Coromandel Peninsula. Lovely but rainy and cloudy and what with us trying to drive and sight see at the same time it became a bit of a pain. We did hike to Cathederal Cove a popular spot on the peninsula. We skipped hot water beach where you dig your own hot tub in the sand that is then feed by under the sand springs. Sounds interesting but the weather was not cooperating. We did work in a steep but short hike up Mt. Maunganui, an old volcano in the Bay of Plenty.

Finally, Gisborne. We feared that the awful weather would follow us here. It hasn’t happened. While the weather can change hourly. We’ve had some fine days. We’ve enjoyed visiting our friends and taking in some of their favorite walks including the Makorori Headway, Te Kuri Farm and the walk to Cook’s Cove.  Then there are the miles of beuatiful beaches. This is not Florida. The beaches here are nearly empty. Town beach has a little development. You can get lunch and an ice cream cone there. On my first beach run I saw someone out training a horse.

Steve and I are ready for a break  from constant travel. We’ve picked the perfect country for it and for now are happy to hide out in Gisborne, a destination overlooked by many. The weekend is here. It will back to the farmer’s market and there are threats, er invitations for me try out the surf board. Then there is Moko the town’s pet dolphin. He makes about as much news here as basketball does back in KY.  Yes, it does seem magical.


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