So after sitting through our working holiday orientation, opening a bank account and buying a SIM card, off we went in search of pillows. Since we’ve had friends living in NZ for over a year, we already know the dirt on certain everyday details of life here. One is that The Warehouse is the catch all big box store.  Kiwi’s have a standard eye roll response to The Warehouse. No one likes it  but everyone ends up there eventually. I’m with em and would have gladly skipped this place but I considered this an emergency situation.

A pillow emergency? Yes pillows. We’re doing the hostel/camping/crashing with friends thing here. While our modest hostel room is fine, even seems roomy as compared to the van, I can stand up after all.  But there is one problem. It doesn’t have the quality of linens that I like. You see, I outfitted Norman Clyde, with a down comforter, 300 count sheets, four very nice pillows and a lovely blue duvet cover. While I can handle less than luxurious blankets and such, we do have our down sleeping bags, I do not do bad pillows.

Now most Kiwis would say The Warehouse isn’t the place to shop for quality anything but there we were at the end of a very long day, squeezing pillows.  We picked out two for less than $20 (NZ) each, a bargain for pillows that seem good enough. No not like what is in the van but they’ll do. I even managed to pass on the Egyptian Cotton pillowcases.



2 thoughts on “Pillows

  1. Just bought Sophie a new pair of shoes to replace her last pair of shoes that we bought at the warehouse only a few months ago that literally were falling apart. Quality and the warehouse do not go together

  2. Let me know when you feel like replacing those pillows. I’ll be curious how long until they fall apart or flatten entirely. But sure enough, it’s part of the Kiwi experience. Glad you’re here.

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