A whirlwind week? Month? Two months? All of the above. Since we rolled back east in early September we’ve lived in a world on fast forward. We’ve dedicated much of our time to visiting friends and family.  Lunches and dinners, stories swapped, new babies met, I’ve cherished it all cause who knows when we will come back around.

Another chunk of time we spent visiting our favorite climbing and hiking spots. Fall is our favorite time to be in Kentucky. Strong sunshine warming up cool mornings, vibrant colors all over, full moon up early in the evening, we’ve soaked it all in to last for another year.

Mixed in a never ending list of errands to get us ready for NZ; gear and clothes sorted, new running shoes and swimsuits bought, books and podcasts stockpiled for the flight. Trying on swimsuits on November 1st is nice.

If you know me, you know I’m pooped. I don’t do life on overdrive well. Did I mention the meals accidentally skipped and all those almond croissants? My blood sugar will never be the same. The socializing alone was enough to send me running to the hills. Luckily this is in the plan as we will soon roll Norman Clyde to his parking spot way back in the hills of Kentucky. Then a quick two days of packing and the Kiwi adventure begins.


One thought on “Whirlwind

  1. I remember the whirlwind as if it were yesterday. Hang in there for just a few more days of dizzing blur. It’ll all slow once you depart. Spring has sprung and time moves much more slowly here. Looking forward to seeing you soon on the other side of the planet.

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