Thriller Bars

I hit the big 1-0, I feel so old, candy just doesn’t taste as good anymore.

Alejandro Escovado


Chocolate, caramel, marshmallows and nerds. Yum!?!?

Guess this doesn’t apply to our 10 year old pal, Clay,  as she made her own candy as part of a school project.  Thriller Bars were inspired by tonight’s Thriller performance in downtown Lex. It is an annual Halloween production and Clay will be taking part along with a couple hundred other zombies.

We know Clay through her aunt Kate who we usually crash with in Lexington.  We enjoy hearing Clay’s observations about us.  She can’t believe we are on Facebook. “Not in our nature,” she says. She thinks we are complete hippies and has an argument to back it up. She sites the van, our organic milk and the tofu heavy stir fry we made. I’m convinced.


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