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2 thoughts on “Flora

  1. Dear Jill and Steve, It doesn’t sound as if you’re enjoying yourselves at all. Jim and I are a sick shade of green as we read your blogs–very envious–don’t ever have kids!! I wish we could have seen you before you left. I do want to give you an e-mail address of a friend of ours. Her name is Cathay Loadman. She lived with us for a bit when we were in American Samoa and is a New Zealander. Her address is *edit*. This is not anyone I’m telling you to look up–she is in England working as a housekeeper right now. She has done a little bit of everything and I think you two would love her. She is a character, to say the least. I did tell her about you, and she said to please contact her. She grew up in NZ. When we met her, she had been living on an island near Tonga for seven years before she came to Pago. It’s a long story, but one worth connecting with. I keep in touch with you through Peggy, and the blog. You two are awesome!! Love, Sherry

    • Thank-you Sherry. Hope you know you were the first to give me the travel bug. Those kids of yours are almost finished so you two start planning some wonderful trips of your own!!!

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