Adventures in Babysitting

Our week of kid, cat and house sitting is about to come to a close.  Some thoughts from the week that was.

-By week’s end stopped worrying about being carded for my parent id.
-Always bring doubles.  If one kids has a snack, water, etc the other one will soon want one too.
-Kid gets a cold, Uncle Bro gets a cold.
-Stemless wine glasses rock.
-You do get immune to the smell of poopy diapers.
-TIVO is your friend.
-Running 40 miles through the woods is easy.
-When two twenty pound gully cats hop into bed during nap time it pretty much feels like an earthquake.
-There is always “one more book”.  And I’m pretty sure that is a stretch tactic and not a love of reading.
-Four straight days of rain + young children with lots of energy = a touch of stir crazy
-The Washington Post plastic newspaper bags work great for cleaning up litter boxes.  Put offending mess in bag, drop bag in diaper champ.  Presto!  Stink free laundry room.
-Light saber as a birthday gift equals Jedi training.  Ever tried to train a four year old Jedi?
-Trader Joe’s rocks.  Great food, $5.99 six packs of beer, balloons for the kids, wine tastings on Fridays.  That place really is one stop shopping.
-Playing with Brio trains is a fine time.
-TV is a scary powerful thing for young eyes.
-The sight of the school bus is a wonderful thing.  Both coming and going.
-Three story row house, charming.  Running up and down stairs between levels, not so charming.

It has been quite an adventure at least there were no epics.


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