Sick of Pink

Sick of light pink, hot pink, mauve and raspberry, even purple and red aren’t looking to good. After several days of dressing my niece in every possible shade  of pink, it was time to go shopping. Grandparents supply much of the tot wardrobe and they are on the pink track. In full disclosure I once bought pink; a cute little polka dot hoddie in contrasting shades of pink. Adorable!

I don’t intend to be anti-pink but when so much of the tiny wardrobe is pink for the boldest, bravest two year old around then something must be done. Make no mistake she is a princess, strong and fearless, maybe for her pink is more disguise than clothing. We are in DC perhaps she’s a secret agent.

In my defense this was was not merely an Aunt gone mad. With the yucky part of fall arriving with a big ‘ol hello it seemed to be a good time to beef up the long sleeved wardrobe. So off we went stroller cruising to Old Towne’s Gap Outlet. Nothing fit for a tough little princess there. So we headed a block over to the Ross and found two outfits without a thread of pink in them- intended for boys I suppose. A Rugby themed deal in orange-it will match her new Keen sneakers that arrived with Bro-Jill last week  Add to that a blue/brown Nike ensemble and we might make it through the week.


6 thoughts on “Sick of Pink

  1. There is no way to avoid the pink. I hate to say it, but most of Camden’s wardrobe is nothing but pink….with a few bits of purple mixed in. I gave in to the hue once I got sick and tired of people thinking she was a boy….EVEN IN FULL ON PINK!

    Funny story- I bought her a pair of overalls for fall pictures and she looked at me and said “off” as she pulled at the bibs… about a princess! And don’t get me started on the whole hairbow thing!

    Sorry we missed you the last time you all were in Lex. I was sick as a dog and then Camden got it. Hopefully we can see you guys before you head to New Zealand. Hope things are good!

  2. Yeah…because I have a little girl, when I do laundry I have four types of loads; darks, lights, delicates, and now, and entire load devoted to pinks/reds…

  3. My sympathies to those drowning in pink.

    Anonymous, moderation in all things. I, who with my pink complexion, shouldn’t go near the stuff have at least three pinkish tops in my van clothing tote.

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