Oh we’re not just baby sitting two toddlers this week, we’ve also got to take care of two 20 pound gully cats.  The kids are nothing compared to these hungry felines.  When feeding you have to put just enough food in Leo’s dish or he will swipe at the scoop.  Sister Lilly is a bit more civil.  There are also gates at the top of the stairs to keep the cats at bay during the night.  Nothing say bad night of sleep like a couple of large house cats scratching at the door, or worse sleeping on your head.

So the other night niece Sara decides to crown King Leo with a birthday hat.  A less than thrilled Leo mildly tolerated the antics for a photo shoot.  This picture is just begging for a thought bubble.  Comment at will.


3 thoughts on “Leo

  1. Hey Guys. I don’t have a comment for the cat. Other than disgruntled fuming rays exiting his/her head.

    Seems like you’ve had a lot of fun lately! We are hitting the cold currently. Maybe I’ll be reunited with my down jacket soon. (Yeah, I left it in KY. I mean, it doesn’t really get that cold there until November. I know…I wasn’t thinking. Insert rolling eyes at self here.)

    We’ve moved into the camp next door(ish). No heat, no insulation. But that *should* be remedied soon. LOL. Is this what they call “moving on up”? Hope you are well!
    Love, VA and RA

  2. If. You. Don’t. Get. This. Bleepin’. Thing. Off. My. Head. Soon. I’m. Gonna…….

    Phew. I’m hungry. When’s dinner?

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