Long September

I woke up on September 1st in South Dakota.  Custer State Park to be exact.  It doesn’t really matter exactly where, but I remind myself just to stay sane.  You see September has been a busy month.

This was the month we crossed back over the Mississippi and landed back in Kentucky.  But not before visiting some old friends in Wisconsin.  Nothing like pizza and pints with friends to take your mind off the drive home.  Unfortunately this phase of our road trip was coming to a close and we are upon the dawn of a new chapter.  But before it can begin we had work to do.

First off we packed up and moved out all the things we had stored at my parents’ place.  My Mom and Aunt are moving, I think I’ve been more stressed over this move than them.  I didn’t really have a lot of stuff, just memories from the house and neighborhood.   And there goes the Jeep, on a trailer behind our house.


I’m now a resident of Eastern Kentucky.  Well, at least my driver’s license says so.  The postman delivers mail to me there too, but that doesn’t mean I have to call it home.  Nothing against the place, I just like being from the western part of the Commonwealth.  All the life maintaince crap that goes into moving, relicensing, registering vehicles, changing addresses is just no fun.

Then there was the poison ivy.  I haven’t had it so bad in a decade or more.  Nasty stuff.  I learned my lesson, never weed-eat with short sleeves.  Get a goat instead.

Now the fun starts.  Jill, her mom, and I ran a 5K and we each won our age divisions.  Lucky for me the guy who won the race was in my division and got the prize money instead of the first place trophy that I got.

We saw friends in Lexington.  Not all of them, but enough of them to make us miss our friends in Lexington.  I didn’t have to see my doctor, but he is a true friend for calling me in some medicine for my poison ivy.  Nasty stuff that PI.

The Red was good.  I felt right at home leaving Lexington, driving down the Mountain Parkway and trying to figure out which crag to go to.  We climbed classic pitches and saw more friends.  I finally climbed Good Times.  I’m still feeling Good Times and not in a good way.

Cold Red

But alas the Red was cold.  Jill was wearing her down coat and booties at the crag.  So what to do, what to do?  Go to Seneca.  Which is where I fell asleep on September 30.  So after seven states, 30 long days, painful stuff that had to be done, turning  34, visiting many friends, moving….you get the idea.  It has been a long September.  I’m a little worried about October, it has one more day ya know?!

sleep now


One thought on “Long September

  1. Just saying hello to the two of you! I enjoy checking on you. You are doing exactly (less the climbing) what my Jill and I intended to do 38 years ago when we first married. We just never actually did it. Enjoy! We are looking forward to Jeff being home in Dec.

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