The Subs Go Marching In

Steve and I are off on a spectacular new adventure, parenthood. No not in that nine month and then forever sort of way. No we’re doing it in the keep ’em for a week and then return them to the real ‘rents way. As of this writing we’ve been getting re-acquainted with the mighty toddlers, our nephew Luke, 4.0 and niece Sarah, 2.3, for 24 hours. The parents leave tomorrow for a week far away.

The little ones dig us and we them. Luke said and this is a direct quote, “Yeah, that’s a pretty cool van.” We’ve cared for this mighty twosome before but never alone for a week. We’re equal parts excited and calm. Not too scared. And full of schemes to give the four of us a grand week.

Updates to come!


3 thoughts on “The Subs Go Marching In

  1. Awesome. Keep in mind, Kaitlyn and Connor are 4 and 2 as well, so when you’re done there, Melanie and I would love a week vacation…

  2. Noah & Sophia are super but they don’t need sitters. They just need someone to crew them in the backyard. Pacers perhaps. Keep the aid table stocked.

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