Country Roads

Back in West Virginia! I still love the northeast corner of WV. Climbing strong at Seneca and making the rounds at all our favorite Cannan Valley places  including the charming old house we occupied much of last winter. After a nationwide search Mountain State Brewing remains my blue ribbon brew pub. Now if I can just order up a late October snow. FPR Happy with pie at the FPR (Front Porch Restaurant) in Seneca Rocks.


5 thoughts on “Country Roads

  1. That looks good! (And cold, hello hat.) How’s the climbing out there? Where to next and how’s the visa application coming along. A friend of ours says that next year is a big rugby tournament there and they’ll be in need of a lot of seaonal workers for it. FYI. LOL, wish I could be more specific!

  2. The climbing is perfect & sandbagged. Hello, we are at Seneca!
    And Whoohoo! Just got an email confirming our visas.
    Rugby sure. They always had the best parties in college.

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