Team Elmrock Rocks

Momma Peg, Steve and I suffered through a 5K in this monsoon that appears to have settled over Kentucky. Numerous 5k’s took place around central KY today including the massive Race for the Cure in downtown Lexington. We avoided that scene as Momma peg picked us out a little race in  Bourbon County, The Secretariat Big Red 5k. Apparently there is a Secretariat movie in the works. So everything Secretariat is en vogue. And well anything horsey is always in with my mom.

Amid thunder, lightening and heavy rain we rolled out of Lex for the 8am start in Paris. The lightening eased, a little, the rain did not. But that didn’t stop us and about 50 or so other stuipid super tough folks from ‘hammering it on out’. Thanks to the low, low turn out and our superior running skills we each took first in our respective age groups. By the way I’ve named us Team Elmrock to reflect our shared mailing address.

Team ElmrockGlory Shot!


3 thoughts on “Team Elmrock Rocks

  1. Owesome (they say it with an ‘o’ here). I’d bask in a win in any conditions. I sometimes win the race for last place, but there doesn’t seem to be an award for that.

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