Something must be done. This is simply unacceptable. I walk outside and melt under the weight of….air. I’ve lived my whole life in the Ohio Valley or as I like to call it The Southeast Rain Forest.  Humidity is in my top five reasons to flee Kentucky. Now having been spared this moist air for much of the spring and summer I’m back and suffering. Give me thin mountain air of the west. To elevation I can adjust. There is no adjusting to this.

On our first full day back in the state we got up early and off we went running laps around Steve’s old neighborhood. I felt strong. With the high altitude time still fresh in mind and body, my first run in weeks felt casual. I kept picking up my pace yet never became too winded. However it didn’t take long until I was soggy, then drenched. And it has only gotten worse. I ran this morning and kept looking at my hips wondering where the extra pounds are that I feel. I don’t see them there. Oh it must be the heavy air that surronds me like a blanket. A cape that I can’t shake. It imparts some type of evil super power. Instead of empowering me it utterly depletes me.

Back in May of this year when Steve and I were struggling to cope with days and days of bad weather, I started thinking about cutting our travels short. But after a look at the calendar and a quick glance at the national forecast, I vowed to myself not to enter the southeast until after September 1st. I thought that would spare us the worst of it. And perhaps it has. Until the soggy summer really passes I’ll be coping the only way I know how. Mojitos, a front porch and let’s forget this running talk.


4 thoughts on “HUMIDITY or KRYPTONITE

  1. So true. It’s especially unbearable once you’ve removed yourself from it for a period. Boy, I sure felt the misery when we were back.

  2. when jenn i commented about how “bad” the humidity was while climbing in the red a couple weeks ago, folks just looked at us and said “what humidity”?

    amazing how our bodies forget how horrible it is to have to swim through the air.

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