I Hate America TV

I Hate America TV is what we affectionately call the Friday night line-up on PBS.  Nearly every Friday night in Lexington, Steve and I crashed  on the couch for three hours of political talk shows and current affairs programming. Now this is PBS so we’re spared the screaming heads effect that so many cable shows encourage.  However an evening of hearing experienced journalists analyze the weeks news from their insider perspective does leave one feeling less than proud thus the name. Our line up included Comment on Kentucky with KY journalists,  Mclaughlin Group where admittedly conservative and liberal  media types grumble about the week, followed by the more soothing Washington Week. On a side note, I’m completely starstruck by WW’s host Gwen Iffel. Now I’m not really sure about what is next in the line-up. I’m usually asleep by this point but I believe it is Now and Bill Moyers’ Journal. Both of these programs do more in-depth, usually depressing, coverage of on-going issues in the nation and world.

I bring all this up because today is Friday and in a few hours will be crashed out on the couch relishing all the political gossip of the past week. What a week it has been! Our expectations are high. Bring on the analysis, the predictions, just be sure by evenings end to leave us grumpy and hopeless and it will be a good night. Of course this is all written half seriously by a half-wit but I’m really not sure what Steve and I would talk about if  health care reform passed, the Middle East found peace and Americans started eating right and exercising.


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