From a glass of sweet tea, to home cooked dinners, to crashing at a house for about three weeks we’ve caught up with old friends in a number of ways  this summer.  As adults who gets to do that?!  Not many people.  Very cool if you ask me.  It sure has been great to see people that we knew from Kentucky who have moved away, onward and upward with their lives.  Sometimes, while we were still in Lexington, we lived vicariously through them, full of secret envy that they had gotten out. Now they live vicariously through us as we take our turn playing gypsies.  It all works out in the mix.

Our last friends we were guests to are temporarily settled in beautiful Williams Bay, WI.  We popped in to see Virginia and Ryan on the looooong drive back to Kentucky.  It was a treat.  These two did the road trip thing years ago so it was great to compare experiences and share stories over pitchers.  Their relationship, like ours, was forged partially on the road.  And that is a good thing, ’cause if you can handle each other on the road anything else is a minor pothole.

nc and tacoIf Taco could talk what would he say to Norman Clyde?


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