Home to Momma

We’re headed that way for visits with both our mommas over the next couple weeks. Looking forward to it. Except I’m a bit worried about visiting Steve’s mom, my mother-in-law. Now don’t get me wrong, she’s a great lady. I like her fine. None of the usual complaints about overbearing, interfering mother-in-laws. She does adore her son though like any momma should. And that my friends begins the problem, he is shrinking.  How can I return her boy to her skinnier than he left and he was awful skinny then. Ya’ll know a shrinking son won’t fly with a Southern Momma.

I’m perplexed by how this came to be. He eats more than me- considerably more, although we both eat less than we did in Lexington. Van living is not conducive to pig out nights. We eat well but simply in the van. Rarely do we carryout pizza to the van or pick up pastries. That said I still have to pay attention to calories and carbs. I find scales to step on occasionally- keeps me honest. I’ve fought a good fight this summer and managed to maintain. Steve, he eats three bowls of pasta to my one and then we go shopping in the boys’ department. Not to give the wrong impression he isn’t exactly scrawny. In fact he is way more brawn than scrawn.  It is a mystery to me how with our similar level of activity, he keeps losing body fat while I stay the same? I disagree with all those books about women being from one planet and men another, but when it comes to metabolism we must hail from separate galaxies.

In thirty- six hours it will be ‘home to momma’, I’ll tell her I tried, point out his thick legs and well defined arms and welcome whatever home cooking she wants to try on him.

IMG_5782Not even this will fatten him up.


7 thoughts on “Home to Momma

  1. I noticed on the interview you both looks like you’d dropped a few pounds. I guess you’ve been much more active and probably just needed more calories than you realized.

  2. Hey, so can we expect a visit from our favorite nomads when you come to see Jill’s momma? Or how about a climb in the Red while you’re home?!

  3. We live to amuse…ourselves at least!

    Mike you are on the ‘to visit’ list. ‘Course I was holding my paddle wrong. I don’t paddle. That was just a one time lark in a rented kayak. A certain someone doesn’t like water. However he had a good time and either way a boat is in my future.

  4. If that certain some one who doesn’t like water is who I think it is he may need a water-perception adjustment if things go all well by November. Just sayin’.

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