CNN Interview

Sure felt strange to be live on the web from the van while parked at an historic lodge in the middle of the Black Hills. Aren’t you supposed to need a satellite truck for that sort of thing?  At least one of us is a news photographer.

If you found our blog from cnn, welcome. Feel free to follow along on our little adventures. We’re not the fastest runners, best skiers, or boldest climbers but we are certainly livin’ the dream.

Thanks to all our friends and family who tuned into watch. We know some of you had trouble finding the segment but we have the link for you here. We really appreciate all the comments and emails. Traveling for so long like this it is easy to feel forgotten by our old world. If we don’t get back to you right away it is because we are getting all we can out of our last few days on the road before we have a long break in KY/WV/VA. See you then.


8 thoughts on “CNN Interview

  1. I was feeding Hannah this morning when I saw your blog on WKYT, which reminded me that I needed to catch up. Then, I saw that you were on CNN. (Of course, you know I’m not tuning into CNN on a regular basis!) Anyway, let me know if you’ll be in the Lexington area when you’re home so we can catch up and you can meet Hannah! (She was born June 16…is that your anniversary?)

  2. Congratulations! You gave an excellent interview. The video clips were great and the photos were beautiful. Well done! I’m so happy for you to get this chance to share your story in the spotlight. Cheers to you!

    p.s. I love the new header photo on the blog. The orca looks awesome in that stunning setting.

  3. Hi Steve and Jill! Went to high school with Steve back at DCHS! Great to see your segment on! Wow! What an adventure you’ve lived/continued to live! I’m in Iowa City, IA…if your van would ever come down this way, let me know! We have interesting corn mazes in iowa! 🙂 not to mention free food for you if you visit! 🙂 Take care and safe travels! Angela Lau Burer

  4. nice work. i especially thought it was sneaky how you got your video footage on cnn so that you can add it to your resume!!

    when you’re the most famous van livers in the world, make sure to give props to those who went before (matt and amy, ryan and virginia, et all.. ).

    so how did the interview come to be? did they find you through your sister? Through the newspaper article that ran on you? i know you guys didn’t seek out the publicity, that’s for sure!

    be well out there.

  5. Our web site saw a massive number of hits the day before your cnn interview. Wonder what was up with that!? I don’t it was that exciting for whomever hit it. LOL.
    Nice work on CNN! Ryan and I are working hard on not dropping everything and moving back into the Taco.
    Although way to drop the bomb on moving onto NZ! You might find us there too you know!

    Hugs to you both. See you soon. VA and RA

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