It’s official. We are nutty enough for the news. Check us out Wednesday, Sept. 2, on CNN’s webcast- a newscast on the their website! If the tech gods are smiling we will be doing a live interview at 3:30 eastern.


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  1. Steve,

    Your Mom had told my Mom that you guys were doing this and that you had a blog. You know the Cedar Hills walking, chatting and catching up on all the kids. Better late than never to read about all the adventures. Congrats on being featured on tomorrow. Sounds like you guys are living it up and enjoying a once in a lifetime experience. I can’t wait to read more!

    Kelly McClure

  2. I watch the webcast in, you guys are great!! enjoying life while you can, sure is a lifetime experience. cannot wait to see other picture..

    you rocks guys!!

    ps: where did you guys go to take a bath?? shower maybe?? is it on the lake?? lol…

  3. Glad to get to see you guys. The van tour was sweet as! The whole thing was much longer than I expected. Great job! And you got to be on camera Steve. What a difference a year makes! Hope to see you soon in person.

  4. Hey Steve,
    Haven’t heard a thing about you in years then saw a link from Laura Wheeler to your cnn interview. What a fabulous use of time! Hope you’re having fun. Great to see you in front of the camera.

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