The Tower

Native Americans have many names for it and stories about it. Stories that pay respect to this awesome piece of geology. Climbers too find it awesome and circulate their own legends about the spectacular climbing found on its walls.

Devils Tower is one of the wildest rock formations to be found anywhere. It sits alone on a hill presiding over the green, rolling plains of northeast Wyoming. This giant granite protrusion is a dark lighthouse to wandering climbers. Tucked within The Tower’s granite columns are cracks hundreds of feet long, many seem cut to fit a climber’s hands and feet.

After years of talk about making a pilgrimage to The Tower we finally made it happen. With limited time and other commitments on our minds we did not send every classic line that calls out to be climbed. To make our time there the best it could be we settled for a delicious sampling of those famous cracks. We took Soler’s (5.9)  long, thin pitches to the high meadows and added an unplanned romp to the summit.  Strenuous climbing never felt so good.  Another must-do, Assembly Line (5.9) lived up to its reputation of endless sinker jams.  The long pitches do take their toll. While I dream about all the routes we didn’t do, my sore toes and bruised legs are relieved that our Tower time was short.  And if I’ve picked up anything from the native legends it’s that The Tower has been there a long, long time and will still be there beckoning to us climbers whenever we come.


What more do you need?

dt summitSummit glory.

summit registerK-mann was here.

running dogA Tower local.

prarie dogs at dtClose Encounters of the prairie dog kind.

steve towerIt just looks cool.  The Tower, not Steve.


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