Leadville 100 MTB

daveSix time defending champion Dave Wiens high fives a young fan as he rolls to the starting line.

mobbedYeah he’s popular.

Armstrong wades through the media/fan scrum to get to the starting line.

dave signOne fan let it be known that he wasn’t pulling for the crowd favorite.


Lance Armstrong chats it up with fellow races before the shotgun start.

order of finishWould this be the order of finish? Wiens and Armstrong looking focused at the gate.

Jill and LanceArmstrong for the win. This guy is hammering at the end of a 103.4 miles and flat rear tire!

As always good pics from Steve. If your a little confused about all the fuss, check out this wrap up article from VeloNews. By the way Steve & I were finish line volunteers. I’m hunkered down in the pic above and you can find us in some of the official pics as well.


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