A City of Rocks & Lake of Solitude

We’ve slacked on blog updates for the past couple weeks so here is a quick run down of where we’ve wondered. After another Boise visit we rolled on to the climbing area City of Rocks. Probably a great climbing area. Everyone we know digs it. However it was way hot when we were there so we kept the visit brief. City has some historic value. Wagon trails rolled through there once up a time and the travelers wrote their names on the rock in wagon grease. Some of this is still visible today. Certainly brought back memories of reading westerns.

Next on the list was Grand Teton National Park. We saw a bear. Yes we did! So stoked. I resisted a strong urge to hug it. Also saw a mommy moose and baby. Adorable. Plus all the usual elk and buffalo herds that roam the Greater Yellowstone area. We did a mellow but long hike to lovely, quiet Lake Solitude. I did this hike sixteen years ago on my first visit to the Tetons- that was half my life ago! Great time until we came back down the ever popular Cascade Canyon trail. Trail etiquette, people! You are not at the mall.

Next on the list was Pinedale, WY with a visit to old pals, JB & Jenn, who are working hard to build a sense of community in this strange, little town. I admire their determination but I can’t begin to fathom why anyone would want to live somewhere where you have only a couple “warm” months and one of those months belongs to the skeeters.

Now we’re back in Leadville, CO. Came here during the rainy spring and thought we should come back for the rainy summer. Seriously though, we are volunteer help for the Leadville 100 (mile) mountain bike race. Race report and Steve’s pics of the past few weeks coming Sunday. Now is time to live it up in Leadville.


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