Teachable (Beer) Moment

What with beer lovers everywhere being aghast at the president’s beer choice for his teachable moment, I’m left wondering who is going to teach him about beer. I adore the entire first family right down to that goofy looking dog. I thought he could do no wrong until the NPR reporter said, “the President picked Bud.” Say it ain’t so. Is the Pres so afraid of looking like he has some taste? Is he so fearful of our NASCAR Nation that they are dictating his beer choice?

The first family has embraced organic gardening at the White House. Organic veggies do not go with Bud Light. Michelle wouldn’t do it. I can see her with a nice flavorful amber. Something to compliment a healthy, locavore meal of steamed seafood and veggies.

In Beer Gate the president missed several teachable moments. The beer served should have been locally brewed, could have been organic, or at the very least American owned. While I’m not always big on this country, but I do respect American brews. Wherever Steve and I roam we drink the locally made beer. These days there is no finer example of a thriving small business than a microbrewery. These places often support events in the local community and give a sense of identity where nothing else local remains. One can’t really take pride in the local Applebees but the local brew pub that is something unique, be it Bellingham, WA, Squamish, BC or Thomas, WV. These are often the only places left to support a local identity and keeping it local well, that is the way to homage to so many of the founding fathers’ dreams for this country.

Perhaps before this term and hopefully another are finished, President Obama will find away to get on board with so many Americans be they blue, white or green collared who value good, local American beer. Before the hops get any deeper, I’ll leave it with a nod to some of our favs.

Anderson Valley Brewing Company
, Mendicino, California
Here we ordered up the sampler. Yummy! Also fantastic conversation with some local WOOFERS (willing workers on organic farms)

Full Sail Brewery
, Hood River, Oregon
Didn’t make it to their brewery but picked up six packs throughout the northwest and are now linked to the LTD (Living The Dream) section on their website.

, Bend, Oregon
Another tasty craft beer with a wide distribution.

Fat Tire Brewery
, Fort Collins, Colorado
No quite micro but this beer has mythic status in the outdoor community. Their distribution is limited to the west so anyone who brings it back across the Mississippi can indulge in a little Smokey & the Bandit fantasy. Or maybe that’s just me.

Long Trail Brewery, Bridgewater Corners, Vermont
Their Hiberntator Ale is reason enough to live in Vermont.

Mountain State Brewing, Thomas, West Virginia
We love this place and haven’t found its equal yet.

Howe Sound Brew Pub, Squamish, British Columbia
Beer costs more in Canada but the people are friendlier.

Buddy’s Basement
Everyone needs to brew their own or have a friend that does.

Boundary Bay Brewery, Bellingham, Washington
Almost forgot this anchor of downtown. We spent part of the NW heat wave here. Great thing about this place and much of the NW:
no air conditioning season. I can walk in and not need my down jacket in July. WhooHoo!


6 thoughts on “Teachable (Beer) Moment

  1. Couldn’t agree more, Jill…BUD LIGHT? Please…..

    I fancy myslef a bit of a beer enthusiast and I could have given him quite the list myself….the top of the list? Watermelon Ale from Boston Beer Works…..YUM.

  2. more proof that he’s just a politician… too bad really.

    current faves: Gayle Force – Wind River Brewing Company, Anglers Ale – Uinta Brewing Company, OB1 (Organic Beer 1) – Snake River Brewing Company

    All of course are local or damn close to it.

  3. Nothing to do with beer. Steve, I was looking around the Access Fund site and came across the video you shot in ’03 of Shannon, Vic, and myself at the PMRP. If memory serves me, it was at Oil Crack.
    Was fun to look back 6 years ago. Also nice to see a quick cut to Cody who has been gone for 3 yrs now.
    Thanks for the memories!
    Hope all is going well with the both of you.

  4. Bud? Really? I had not heard that, of course.. can’t say I’ve been keeping up with news these days. Yes, I knew there was a Beer summit, im not that in the dark… but as for the finer details.. WOW. I would recommend the beer that got me to actually like beer. Texas made Shiner Bock.. made in, Shiner, TX. so just for the record, the man likes Arugula greens for his salad and Bud? O.K.

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