Oh Canada!

A few of my favourite things from our neighbours to the north:

The accents, I just can’t get enough of the Canadian accents. The best is the way they pronounce their ou’s.

The way they use their words. Its English, but it ain’t Kentucky English. Car park and line up are my new favourite terms.

The general friendliness of almost everyone you come across.

That there are people up here who are worried about too much privitazation in health care (Isn’t it just the opposite south of the border?).

Kathleen Edwards. She is a musical gift from this country, and not the white elephant Celine Dion kind.

The way people add ‘for sure’ at the end of sentences. A reassuring affirmative like yeah, you bet, OK, or no problem.

Kilometer Per Hour. You can really speed down city streets if you imagine them in miles per hour.

They don’t allow handguns yet there is always news of a shooting in some part of Vancouver. Hmmmmm.

The way they stick a u in a word along with the o. Harbour, neighbour, favourite, you get the idea.

Gas prices don’t fluctuate from day to day or station to station. Its been $1.06 since we got here. Of course that is $4.24 a gallon, but at least you don’t have to drive around wasting all that gas to get few cent deal.

The Municipal Hall (city hall) in Squamish still has Christmas lights up around the roof top.

They way they reverse er on words. Centre. Just looks so European doesn’t it?

Canadian rednecks are just like American rednecks with a few exceptions. They listen to classic rock more than pop country, they play Bocce ball while drinking around the campground, and they ride snowmobiles in the winter.

The fact that people really do say ‘Eh?’. Seriously, they say it all the time and it is awesome. And you thought that it was some cliche that Bob and Doug MacKinnze made famous in Strange Brew.


3 thoughts on “Oh Canada!

  1. I really like Kathleen Edwards. I heard her on a Woodsongs episode and my favorite song by her is Six O’clock News, though its wretchedly depressing.

    Other good reasons to like Canada:

    Bob and Doug McKenzie

    Metric just makes sense

    All kinds of new holidays


  2. Hey Guys,
    You should head up the highway to Whistler and check out the cool stuff to do here too. Amazing mountain bike trails around Lost Lake and alpine hiking at 6,000 feet.

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