We spent the last week on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state.  Enough sunshine sneaked into the standard, overcast days to make it all a pleasant treat.  From tree farms, international ports to a diverse national park we’ve seen a bit of everything.  Alpine meadows, glaciated peaks, temperate rain forests to an ocean shore this park has everything.  And as beautiful as the park is, it doesn’t see a lot of visitors.  Most of the license plates read Washington, after all there is a huge population center on the other side of Puget Sound.  Even then, the area still doesn’t feel as overrun as a Zion or the Smokies.  Oh well, more of the good stuff for us to enjoy.

The diversity of the place kept us here all week.  Enjoy the pictoral tour…

Monfreid flower

Monfreid takes time to stop and smell the flowers on Hurricane Ridge

Hoh RainforestVisit a rainforest without having to get your Dengue Fever vaccination

Hoh RiverSolitude with a view along the Hoh River

tidal pool life
You never know what you’ll find in a tidal pool

JUMP!Might as well jump

goodbye sunAnd they say it’s always rainy in the Pacific Northwest


2 thoughts on “Olympic

  1. Love the beautiful pictures of your great adventure. Please put us on the list to follow your trails……… Stay safe and God Bless… Gayle

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