New Name, Same Van

Every ship needs a good name.  Soon after buying our van we dubbed it The Orca for obvious reasons.  Too obvious.  Throughout this journey we’ve usually just referred to it as the van.  Something about nickname never quite stuck.  Sure I would love to airbrush a big sea scape scene on the side an put in a port hole, maybe even a periscope (Tex’s idea) but that would require more work on the nautical themed nickname of our ship.
Then one day stomping around the Sierra it hit us.  Norman Clyde.  That intrepid adventurer, explorer, vagabond Norman Clyde.  This guy wandered the Sierra with a heavy pack well into his elder years.  From books to a cast iron skillet this guy would carry everything under the sun on his treks into the mountains.  You never know what you might need.
So we’ve taken to calling our ship the Norman Clyde.  Sorta fits.  Skis.  Yep.  Waaaaaaay too much climbing gear.  Check.  Shoes for every occasion.  Got ’em.  OK, our cookwear isn’t cast iron but we’ve got multiple pots and pans.  And like ole Norman Clyde our van is holding up nicely for its age and use.
Norman Clyde at the BeachLet’s see how sea worthy the Norman Clyde really is….maybe sail it to NZ?


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